All Things Reichenbach

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All Things Reichenbach
22 - 24 July 2019

Idea and Motivation

Hans Reichenbach (1891-1953), one of the founding fathers of Logical Empiricism, is among the most important philosophers of science of the twentieth century and without doubt one of the most prominent philosophers of physics of the first half of the past century. While his overall philosophical project is no longer seen as viable as a whole, his work continues to be influential, often in unnoticed but deep ways. Despite the fact that many of his ideas still retain their interest and are discussed in current philosophy of science, he remains, in fact, one of the least understood and least carefully studied philosophical thinkers of his time.

This conference is dedicated to highlighting the importance of Hans Reichenbach's work, across all areas of his thought, from a variety of perspectives. By bringing together top researchers from the diverse fields of physics, philosophy, history, and sociology, we seek to create an atmosphere in which major advances in understanding can be made by the cross-pollination that discussion across traditional disciplinary boundaries can create. We aim to engender collaboration and interaction among philosophers and scientists so that insights from different disciplines may be shared and inspire workers in all relevant fields to find new approaches to both discipline-specific and interdisciplinary problems.